Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shadowmute?
Shadowmute is service that generates unique email addresses for every site you need a login for. Each address is sorted and stored separately in a self-emptying mailbox. Only you have access to email sent to you unique addresses.
How long does mail last?
Mail is generally deleted after 60 days. Any mail received from a private email provider (such as gmail) is deleted immediately. As features roll out, there will be changes in how long unexpected mail is kept, but users will be notified when that feature launches.
How is this not the same as ______?
There are a lot of great services that provide overlap with some of the set of services as Shadowmute.
Service How it compares
Mailinator Free service that provides a mail collector. The default public service is great if you need a disposable mail account and are not worried if other people can read the contents of that mail.
Spam Gourmet Free service that provides a mail relay. By default addresses are limited in the amount of messages they receive and relay.
Gmail '+' technique Gmail allows for adding a plus sign to distinguish when your account has been leaked by a service provider. This is good if you only want to know when your email was leaked, but not able to do anything about it.
Each of these services offer something different. With Shadowmute, you get private anonymized mail that never gets passed to your normal inbox.
Is there a free trial or demo?
No. Since Shadowmute is designed for long term accounts and privacy there is no free version. Free mail services generally rely on either altruistic volunteers or advertising. When relying on advertising, the lure of violating privacy is too high. In short, we respect your privacy, because you pay us to. If you want a free service, we highly recommend one of the above services.
How can I contact support?
If you have any problems and need to get in contact with us, you can either email or try contacting @ShadowmuteHQ on Twitter
How do I report abuse?
We take abuse very seriously at Shadowmute. Sockpuppeting accounts and fraud are violations of our terms of service. If you need to constact us to report abuse, you can email or try contacting @ShadowmuteHQ on Twitter
How do I send an email from Shadowmute?
In short, you can't. Shadowmute is a receipt only mailbox.
I sent an email from my Gmail/Hotmail/etc account and it never came in. What happened?
Shadowmute is designed to shield your privacy for accounts with a specific site per mailbox. This means there is never any reason a personal email provider should ever be sending you a message. Those messages are automatically deleted.