What is Shadowmute?

Shadowmute is a service to generate unique mailboxes for use as logins anywhere. Your primary email accounts have been doing double duty as a communication mechanism and an identity. Now you can separate the two for your privacy and to reduce marketing noise in your inbox.

Features at a glance:

  • Single purpose private mailboxes for any time you create an account for any service
  • Mail sent from private / personal emails and non-approved third parties are auto deleted
  • Mail that makes it through filtering auto deletes after 60 days
  • Your mailboxes are yours and yours alone, you don't share them

Why bother with a different email everywhere?

The problem with email being used for account keys at the same time as being a communication mechanism is that your inbox is always flooded random garbage you never cared about.
Most of the time the email interaction with a site is to simply verify that your email works, then you ignore everything from them until you need to reset your password. With Shadowmute accounts, you can now have isolated identities on every platform and keep your primary email address for what it was originally intended for: communication.