Shadowmute Pricing

Shadowmute is built with the understanding that nothing in this world is free. To support the service we require a monthly subscription.

There are no free trials, no ads, no tracking. You can trust that we respect your privacy for the sheer reason that you pay us to.

What you get

  • Unlimited mailboxes to protect your privacy
  • Auto deleting email
  • Pre-filtered email to reduce junk

Pay monthly.

This option is great if you:
  • want to give Shadowmute a test run
  • are afraid of commitment
  • are just plain fiscally irresponsible

$3.00 USD / month

Pay yearly.

This option is great if you:
  • understand the concept and love it
  • want to sign up and forget about it
  • are good at math

$20.00 USD / year